We are a gourmet brand that offers all natural, vegan and gluten free vegetable jams, with a fine texture and the perfect balance of sweet & salty! Jammy Yummy is the first U.S. Company specialized in vegetable jams!

Our unique jam flavors are made out of vegetables and have NO additives, not even pectin, intensifying its natural flavor. In this way, you get more vegetables per serving! Try any of our jams and taste the difference!


  • Jammy Yummy Tomato Jam
  • Jammy Yummy BBQ Dreamers Pack
  • Jammy Yummy Cooking
  • Jammy Yummy Jams
  • Jammy Yummy Jalapeno Cookies
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Are you ready for a real gourmet experience? Check out our 5 flavors and discover all their pairings possibilities! These Veggie Jams can be paired with more than cheese! For gourmet or simple meals, Hors d'œuvre, appetizers, breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner... With a dollop of Jammy Yummy, you will always get excellent results, quality, an innovative touch and an unforgettable dining experience!


  • I don’t write many reviews but I had for this one, I first saw them at Whole Foods in Orlando. Got the Jalapeño and Caramelized onion and they were Amazing!! Months later I am extremely glad that they are now on Amazon, it is the perfect gift since they have an excellent presentation and the taste is extra delicious.

    - Essenza

  • This onion jam is one of the best things I've ever had and has become an absolute staple in my house. I eat it on burgers, with crackers and cheese, on egg sandwiches, and just about anything else I can think of. It pairs with so many different flavors and in so many different contexts. This onion jam is superior to them all.

    - Zachary K.

  • All I need to tell you is that I LOVED everything of these jams, the presentation was really cute and the flavors delicious. My top 3 are the Jalapeño, Caramelized Onion and Red Pepper. What made me decide to buy these jams was that these are unusual flavors and I loved that they were all natural.

    - Amazon Customer

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