Jammy Yummy is the first U.S. Company specialized in vegetable jams! We offer natural, vegan and gluten free jams with a fine texture and the perfect balance of sweet & salty!

Our unique jam flavors are made out of vegetables and have NO additives, not even pectin, intensifying its natural flavor. In this way, you get more vegetables per serving! Try any of our jams and taste the difference!


    We are committed to using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients to create our vegetable jams.


    We work to continually innovate and develop new flavors and products that please the most demanding palates.


    We operate with honesty, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of our business, from sourcing ingredients to customer interactions.


    We are passionate about flavors and create new culinary experiences to share with our customers.

  • Our Mission is to create and manufacture delicious and innovative vegetable jams using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients. We are committed to producing high-quality, vegan-friendly products that are free from additives and preservatives. We offer flavorful products that will enhance your culinary experience.

  • Our Vision is to become the premier choice for natural, preservative-free vegetable jams, known for our commitment to quality and innovation. We envision a future where our products inspire healthier and more flavorful meals for our customers.


Designed by Hey Studio, our packaging labels are hole-punched with vibrant and eye-catching colors, perfect for any occasion! The idea was to introduce new and unusual jam flavors into the market in a way that will have even the pickiest of eaters grabbing a jar.

With a kaleidoscope of colors, not only is it easy to distinguish one jam from another, but it also brings panache to any meal in a new company based in Miami. Our hand-made range of savory vegetable jams are fun and create delicious gourmet delicacies meant for sharing with family and friends!

"The labels are a set of random die-cut perforations where the holes suggest the constant nibbling that the food provokes." - Hey Studio


The expected beginning of our story would be for Jammy Yummy to originate from a long family tradition of Jam creations, but it’s not the case.

Our story began with a simple dinner at our founder’s home. It was her husband's birthday and she had to prepare the celebration dinner for their group of friends. As she was thinking of the regular appetizer, main course and dessert menu she was already bored. She wanted to innovate!

Suddenly, she remembered her mum's Brie Cheese with tomato jam and called her. (Yes! We know we said Jammy Yummy did not come from a family tradition…) She wrote down the recipe as it was the best jam she had ever tasted. Do you know how it feels when your senses bask in delight? That’s how she always remembered her mom’s tomato jam.

After a week of experimenting different recipes, six Jams were created. The final menu for her husband’s birthday was: Brie cheese with Tomato jam, Hamburger sliders with Caramelized onion jam, Bratwurst with Carrot jam, Crackers with goat cheese and Red pepper jam, Nachos with Jalapeño jam; and Mini beef medallions with Baby Portobello jam. It was such a success that two words came into fashion after that night YUMMY YUMMY.

The jams started to be part of every eating party they were invited. From our point of view, bringing wine is out of fashion! YUMMY YUMMY started going hand in hand paired to the question "Where can we buy them?"

The jams were suddenly invited to more events than they were. So they thought… “Let’s start our own business!”. In a private tasting at a restaurant in Miami, the Chef asked about the jams. He tried them and just like that we had our first order. That same night, YUMMY YUMMY became JAMMY YUMMY!

Four friends that also loved the jams and have the same passion about home-style and natural food joined the company and since 2017 have been running Jammy Yummy, with the hope to delight each day more and more palates!

Nowadays, JAMMY YUMMY is present in more than 100 specialty food stores around USA waiting to delight you!